CMDays: halfway there

Wednesday, 7 November, 2012 - 22:00Day two of the Creative Media Days once again went smoothly. A lot was going on simultaneously, but luckily – and thanks to our friendly hostesses – it did not turn into chaos. An overview of the bits and pieces from the second conference day.

Lots of hipsters found their way to the ICC for the ‘Jongerenmediadag’. Art&D showed us how creative ICT can be and Future Media Lab delivered an inspirational conference. ‘Creativity’ being the key word of the day. The themes entwined and different people from diverse conferences sought each other in the networking parts to exchange their visions.

In the end, all came down to human primary needs: Internet and Intercourse. Jongerenmediadag stated that 36% checks their Facebook after the deed and apparently there lies a ‘Big Brother’ in each of us.

Combining creativity with industry
FIRE, Qualinet & Living Labs kept their heads cool, combining creativity with industry. Living Labs talked about cultural heritage. Both Qualinet and FIRE talked about the importance of clouds

REC Radio On Stage Party

On cloud nine ourselves, we enjoyed a long, but inspiring day. With some more media wisdom and creative inspiration, we went home to dress up for the REC Radio On Stage Party @ Vooruit Arts Center.